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Are you a Regular DJ-Presenter or someone wanting to have a go at presenting your own show? Do you think you missed out on your opportunity to be a DJ or are you just starting out and want to get some experience and exposure on the radio? Then Ambron Radio is just right for you! Unlike some stations, we do not charge you to present a show on Ambron, all licence and running costs are met by the station. This means your show can go live and your talents will be heard worldwide! We are not looking for the next top DJs so if you fancy a go then why not get in touch, be inspired by those that have done it. The greatest part is you are not restricted by studio locations and can literally broadcast from anywhere you have internet access! If you are interested then get in touch by either using the Contact Form on the Contact page or email us at Why not check the schedule and if there's a spot you can fill give it a go, what have you got to lose? We look forward to hearing from you.

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