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Who is Ambron Radio?

We are a radio station with presenters from all over the UK and have listeners worldwide. We have on-air advertising, enabling us to support businesses with cost-effective rates. From our studios, we broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How radio advertising works.

It’s all about repetition, building response rates over time. So the key to success in radio advertising is to advertise as often as possible.

This means more visitors can be directed straight to your website or call you.  Industry research shows that listeners are far more likely to instantly purchase than to take note and look again later.  Internet radio listeners are on their devices looking for a purchase and have a high intention of buying.

Why advertise on Ambron Radio?

Our advertising packages maximize your exposure. We broadcast 24 hours a day and our presenters are from all locations across the UK. If you are a local business that just operates in one area we will have a show near your location.

Your advertisement is played here. If you are a web-based business then your advertisement could be played at any time of the day or night.


Ambron Radio offers excellent value while not losing any of the professionalism or quality.

Do you have a giveaway or promotion happening? We would gladly discuss a lightbox ( a popup box) being introduced for the duration;

This would mean every visitor to our site would see your promotional material before anything else. 

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